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 The rules of DYA

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PostSubject: The rules of DYA   Sun Sep 28, 2008 5:53 pm

There are the rules of Do Your Advert!

- The racist remarks, pornographic discrimination, violence and abusive messages will not be accepted in any way.

- The SMS language will also not be tolerated. In fact, try to make fewer faults than possible, so the others will understand you in an easier way.

- You will have to respect the TEAM of the forum, therefore Administrators, but also the moderators and others members.

- The multiple posts are prohibited! (Double post, triple post, etc.).

- Please not equip you with images too shocking, representing violence, sexuality, child abuse, racist movement or something that is already prohibited, but also you do not provide with signatures with giant dimensions.

- Avoid choosing nicknames with political reference, pornography, racism or the religion exhibition.

- Your first message will have to be logically your presentation!

And remember : We’re here to cheer each others, not to descend us, then please be patient and nice with the others members.
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The rules of DYA
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